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Gerald Freake

The button accordion has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. As a boy growing up in Fogo I always admired my father play this instrument and I was determined to play like him someday. As I grew older I did learn to play the accordion but I wanted to take it a step farther, to teach it to others. My love for this instrument and my desire in keeping its tradition alive enticed me to do just that. Being a school teacher on Fogo Island gave me the opportunity to teach the accordion to the kids as an extra curricular activity. Many of them learned to play and out of that group there were five ten year old girls who became popularly known as the Fogo Island Accordion Group*. The recognition this group got and what they accomplished gave others more incentive to learn to play. Even though they had a busy schedule they still found the time to teach others. They became idols to so many and inquiries came in from all over about how I taught these girls to play. We definitely had an impact on keeping this tradition alive. I still want to keep this trend going and hopefully you will do your part to help preserve this important part of our heritage.

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Gerald Freake
P.O. Box 125, Fogo, NL, A0G 2B0
Phone: 709-266-2392  ·  Cell: 709-266-7132
E-mail: gerald_freake@yahoo.ca

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